Sustainable Living Center of North Florida

A project of the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice, Inc.

About SLC and FCPJ

Our goal for the Sustainable Living Center in Hampton is to become a living laboratory which models sustainable living. We strive to be the very change we seek in the world.  

The Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice (FCPJ) was founded in 1982 as a network of local groups across the state who shared a commitment to world peace and social justice.  Working together, we can promote a more sustainable, just, humane, and compassionate society through education and action.  Through Peace Camps and educational programs throughout the state, FCPJ has promoted a Culture of Peace.  

We use the Earth Charter as our guide to a sustainable, just and peaceful future.  In 2015 we introduced the Florida Earth Charter Initiative as a Gift to the Earth, Our Home.  We invite people in North Central Florida to contribute their time, talents and resources to creating a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. 

Together we are Illuminating the Earth Charter: Education, Inspiration, Action for a Sustainable Future.

Education, Inspiration, Action for a Sustainable Future


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