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Living Library - Resources for a sustainable future

The Sustainable Living Center in Hampton is a living laboratory for a livable Earth.  We offer resources for homes, schools and communities.  

Each month we choose a different Earth Charter principle to bring to life in homes, schools and communities.  Below are some of our favorite resources for Earth Charter principle #14:

Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.  Earth Charter

We suggest that you choose one and share it with someone -- over dinner, at bedtime, in a library, school or faith group.  Tell us how it went in the Comment box below!

Want to add to the Living Library?  In the Comment box below, name some of your favorite books, movies, songs, games and other resources that will help in the transition to a sustainable future.  Please include complete names, author/artist, and links to websites where possible.

Sue Blythe
Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice


For children:


For youth


For adults and elders


Please add your favorite resources in the Comment box below.

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