The Land will be a hub that connects to the web of communities sprouting around the world who share the vision for a culture of peace. The Land will accommodate an energetic flowing of the comings and goings of people for purposes of education, renewal, celebration, and community building; The Land will serve a multiplicity of educational and community purposes by advancing a comprehensive and sustainable peace and justice education curriculum that will impact our social institutions; The land will be a gathering that serve the needs of local communities, organizations, and individual citizens by supporting, resourcing, and empowering their efforts to promote a culture of peace grounded in social, environmental, and economic justice; We have taken steps to move the vision for forward through a planning process that gleans the insights of citizens around the state who take part in the community dialogues. We have a viable strategic plan that addresses multiple dimensions of the “land initiative,” including the following:

• Improved Physical Facilities: Appropriate sleeping accommodations, improved meeting and dining facilities, a peace education research library, improved camping facilities, and enhanced forest trails on the property;

• Comprehensive Inter-disciplinary education Curriculum: Addressing among other themes: conflict resolution, the theory and practice of nonviolence, environmental justice, racial justice, spirituality, health and nutrition, peacemaking in the family, and training in community organizing. Other initiatives might include expansion of youth peace camps, promoting best practices, and research in partnership with Florida’s state universities, private colleges, and community colleges;

• Enhanced Human Resources: Professional and support staff to serve the operational needs of the ”center” on the land, including an expanded network of volunteers, professional service providers, and affiliated organizational partnerships;

• Development of related industries and enterprises on the Land: These might include agricultural enterprises, a plant nursery, gift shop and bookstore, and art studios;

• Legacy: Providing a place to memorialize Floridians whose lives have given us witness to a culture of peace, and to provide an archival depository for the writings and memorabilia of such persons; • Fund Development: Establishment of a Capital Campaign to underwrite the costs of developing the Land and the programs that emanate from it.