Yes! I want to be an FCPJ Sustainability Partner.

As a Partner in Building Peace Through Sustainable Living I will:

  • Live sustainably at home and teach sustainable living to my family, friends and others
  • Suggest groups with whom FCPJ could share educational programs on sustainable living
  • Visit the FCPJ web site to share my ideas and resources with others working for sustainable living
  • Visit the Sustainable Living Center for hands-on experience working on various projects modeling sustainable living.
  • Consider adding FCPJ to my estate planning
  • Other:________________________________________________________________________________

I would like to make a ONE-TIME DONATION to the FCPJ Operating Fund Account.

  • $ _____________

I would like to become a FCPJ SUSTAINABILITY PARTNER. I will ask my bank to make a monthly or annual deduction to be credited to the FCPJ Operating Fund Account.
Please send information to give to my bank.

I will commit to a monthly ______ or annual ______ gift of:

$10__ $25___ $40___ other___________

Payment Options


Name ________________________________________________________

Street Address ________________________________________________

City ____________________________________ST _____ Zip __________

Home Phone __________________________________________________

E-mail Address ________________________________________________

All contributions are used for FCPJ Operating Fund, education and outreach programs.
Expenses associated with the Sun Harvest EcoVillage are paid by its residents.


Please return to:
FCPJ, 10665 SW 89 Ave, Hampton, FL 32044
(352) 231-1648 /
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.